Reflexion, A Spiritual Community

Luke 1:46-55

December 19, 2021 Chuck Smith, Jr Season 11 Episode 3
Reflexion, A Spiritual Community
Luke 1:46-55
Show Notes

I won’t say this episode within the Christmas story has been neglected,

But it doesn’t get as much attention as the more familiar scenes
- it unfolds in a warm and intimate atmosphere
• the two women are relatives–both received a miracle
◦ both have been surprised by unexpected pregnancies
• we have no details of their time together, only their greetings,
◦ and each greeting is an eruption of joy and wonder
- Elizabeth’s greeting hints at the mystery Mary carries in her womb
And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me? (v. 43)
• Mary’s response is nothing less than an inspired song,
◦ like one of the Psalms in the Hebrew Scriptures
• you know you’ve caught the mood of this story if when reading it you smile