Reflexion, A Spiritual Community

Jeremiah 9 & 10

September 10, 2023 Chuck Smith, Jr Season 2023 Episode 40
Reflexion, A Spiritual Community
Jeremiah 9 & 10
Show Notes

 There were two times in the gospels when Jesus identified precisely what had to be done in the moment
- once, when he told a wealthy man, “you lack one thing”
(the man had to liquidate all his assets and follow Jesus)
- another time he explained to Martha, “one thing is necessary”
• then he defended the one thing Mary had chosen to do
- it can be a big relief to narrow down what’s most important now to one thing

Through Jeremiah, God confronted his people for their many betrayals
- one of their worst failures was their attachment to other gods
• but regardless of their many sins, there was one most important thing;
◦ namely, that they would know God
• unfortunately, they did not know their God
◦ and as we saw in the verses above, they refused to know him
- so God re-introduces himself to them
• for me, this passage is one of the major highlights in Jeremiah
◦ so we’re going to spend some time with it