Reflexion, A Spiritual Community

Jeremiah chapter 2

August 13, 2023 Chuck Smith, Jr Season 2023 Episode 36
Reflexion, A Spiritual Community
Jeremiah chapter 2
Show Notes

I always been enchanted with the way this chapter opens

If you look at the text, God’s speech is arranged in a poetic format
- Hebrew poems do not look or sound like English poems
• Hebrew poetry has a different structure and rules
◦ in chapter 1, Jeremiah had expressed his thoughts in prose (the ordinary written form of essays, etc.)
◦ but God’s messages were laid out in poems
(God's speech is always in greater than the words he uses)
• poetry gives language greater force
◦ it’s primary objective is to communicate experience (rather than bare information)
- this chapter begins with God grieving a failed relationship
• there is more than a hint of emotion here: “I remember”
◦ it’s as if God is brooding over a cherished memory
◦ back when he rescued Israel from Egypt, he was their hero
• Yahweh remembers her youthful devotion and “bridal love”
◦ they followed him into the desert with reckless abandon
◦ they lived in the aura of his holiness
he took care of her – protected and provided for her